The Garrigues, an emblematic Mediterranean territory

The territory and its communes

The territory and its communes

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Le vallon d’Escaunes et Cantarelles

Le vallon d’Escaunes et Cantarelles

A wonderful setting in the garrigue

The Escaunes and Cantarelles valley, a wonderful site perched on the wild heights of the charming village of Sernhac, is home to an unsuspected heritage! Take a stroll through this natural area, which has been shaped by man over the years. During your walk, you can explore an ancient rarity: two tunnels dug into the rock by the Romans. Remains of the famous aqueduct of the Pont du Gard that carried water from the Eure spring in Uzès to the Castellum Divisorium in Nîmes, these galleries are now a fascinating link between history and nature!

Did you know this?
In ancient times, the cliffs of the valley became quarries and were used for the construction of Roman monuments in Nîmes!

La Combe des Bourguignons

La Combe des Bourguignons

A place frozen in time

In the heart of the garrigue, in the commune of Marguerittes, you will find the Combe des Bourguignons, an interesting valley that will delight young and old alike! Along a 2 km long interpretation trail, discover the astonishing remains of the construction work of the "rachalans", local farm workers from the 17th and 18th centuries. During your walk, you can admire the famous "capitelles", fascinating dry-stone huts built by these farmers!

So, for a walk or even a picnic, you will love this landscape typical of the hinterland of Nîmes!

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Our bathing spot at only 8 km
Feel like diving into the water to cool off? Then go to Poulx, a small village north of Marguerittes, a few kilometres away! On the trail leading to La Baume, you will find a true haven of peace where farniente, sun, bathing and picnics are the key words! To get there, all you have to do is walk for half an hour at the heart of a breathtaking landscape between the garrigue and the Gardon!

Aqueduct Cycling Discovery Loop

Aqueduct Cycling Loop

A leap in the history of the territory

Let yourself be lulled by the history of water and olives along this route. Numerous heritage elements reveal the work of Man in shaping the landscapes of this territory, from Roman times to the present day, with titanic hydraulic works and the omnipresence of dry stone. Water has left its mark all along the loop. Cyclists can enjoy an educational layout around a noria and aqueducts in Bezouce, the extraordinary place of the Cabrières fountain and the tunnels in the Vallon d'Escaunes in Cantarelles, incredibly well preserved remains of the aqueduct created to bring water from Uzès to Nîmes via the famous Pont du Gard. This itinerary also takes you past olive groves and oil mills. Those with a sweet tooth will be able to taste a bit of this land by tasting the famous AOP Olive and Olive Oil of Nîmes.

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Les pics de la Vaunage

Les pics de la Vaunage

A hilly landscape

If you are a keen hiker, put on your sports shoes and hike through the peaks of the Vaunage! Starting from the village of Saint-Côme-et-Maruéjols, a beautiful historical walk awaits you: from the Bois sacré (sacred wood) to the Pic Méjean lookout, passing by the Fontaram spring, your walk will be interspersed with many natural treasures!. You will also be able to discover the Mouressipe oppidum the first settlement site of the village, that dates back to the Vth century BCE. And to end on a high note, you will be able to enjoy a 360° view of the Vaunage plain!

What’s an oppidum?
A fortified town, typical of the Celtic civilisation, generally situated on a hill or plateau.
Located on the hill of the same name, the oppidum of Mouressipe dating from the 5th century BCE boasts a remarkable Hellenistic tower, which is listed as a historical monument.

Moulin Vaunage

Focus on...
The mills of the Vaunage
During your ride, you will come across many mills, a small part of the heritage of the various communes in the area. Stop for a moment in Langlade, where the Cavalier Mill dominates the village. Named in memory of a stop made near this mill by Jean Cavalier, a Camisard leader, you will be enchanted by its majestic and emblematic silhouette.